Ecstatic Makeover


Are you a caterpillar waiting to emerge from your chrysalis?  To fully blossom as the divine creature you are may require some support. It’s difficult to be an expert at everything, though Teresa’s background has equipped her to help you in many areas.

Are you or someone you know, hoping to effect some significant change in the coming year? Enrolling in our 6-Week ECSTATIC MAKEOVER will be a good investment for long-term benefits. During this program, Teresa will take inventory of the six key areas of your life: Home, Wardrobe, Business, Social Life, Wellness, Creative Self-Expression, and Personal Branding. Each area, when upgraded with strategic choices, will improve the quality of your life, as well as the personal and professional success you experience.


Week 1 ~ Assessing Change

Take inventory of your personal and professional life, your goals, and which changes are top priority. Our MAKEOVER QUESTIONNAIRE will point us in the right direction for maximum benefits.


Week 2 ~ Color Me Perfect

Understanding your personal palette will now be directed to your closet! We’ll review colors for your personal and professional life. By wearing and living with the colors which best match you & your personality, you will feel. more congruent in your day-to-day life.


Week 3 ~ Me, Myself, & I

Starting with yourself, we’ll address your body, mind, heart & soul. By deepening your self-awareness, you’ll find it easier to effect positive changes.


Week 4 ~ Home is Where the Heart Is

As we review your home, you’ll recognize where changes are needed to support your vision for personal fulfillment. Using Chinese Feng Shui principles as well as contemporary design wisdom, we’ll turn your home into a private sanctuary.


Week 5 ~ Welcome to My World

Now that your personal sphere is upgraded, we can better evaluate the necessary changes in your lifestyle with regards to your business, social life, and creative self-expression. This sets the stage for completing your Makeover Wish List.


Week 6 ~ Brave New World

For the final week, we will focus on your how you are integrating the changes we’ve been implementing. Based on your initial Wish List, we’ll chart an Action Plan for the next few months.


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Your ECSTATIC MAKEOVER can have as many or as few topics as you like. You may decide that wardrobe consulting is all you require, or you may want to add interior decorating or personal branding as well. Consider the results you want: better social life, more respect from peers or clients, a home which feels like your personal sanctuary, throwing a winning party, relocation to a more agreeable place, better online presence, exploring digital nomadic lifestyles, eco living, upscale sensibilities or other lifestyle choices.

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