Image Consultant

Whether you are looking for a new look at work or in your personal life, my image consulting services include determining your personal colors, styles, and providing you with a wardrobe audit. From there, we can discuss which new pieces to add to your closet. But image consulting doesn’t end there. When we take the time to assess your image development goals, you will have a clearer sense of who you are and people will recognize you as that person!

Let’s begin with your personal colors:

Do you look and feel better with warm or cool colors?

If you have warm colored eyes and hair, you’ll either be a Spring or Autumn.

If you have cooler shades, then you are a Summer or Winter.

Next, what is your style? Does it match your personality & career?

Are you a romantic or all business?

Do you prefer a stream-lined, uncluttered home?

Do you want to be known for your warmth or your skill set?

We’ll explore the successes of your past and set the stage for more to come!

Do you need to relax more or get motivated?

Are you ready to change the colors in your home or office?

Request a consultation to learn more.